Jeff Conger, Poseidon Robotics, BLUELINK, BL300, ROV, SPU, TIC, Topside Integrated Console, UI
Sales in the US


Jeff Conger at BLUELINK in San Diego has been our primary distributor in the US for over a year.   He has partnered with us on may special projects and products, including our new BL300 ROV and console.  Jeff has been invaluable in supporting our product development and direction.  Give Jeff a call today at 8006807071

Sam Craig, ROV, Poseidon Robotics
Sales in the UK and Northern Europe

Sam Craig

Sam is an experienced ROV superintendent, diver, sailor, and our Colleague and distributor in the UK and Northern Europe.  Sam works closely with us to develop products specific to the North Sea and Fjords.  Contact him today at +44 7717175297

Ramon Gomez, ROV, Poseidon Robotics
Sales in the Spain, Portugal, and Mediterranean Europe

Ramon Gomez

Ramon is our distributor and colleague in Galicia, Spain specializing in Aquaculture.  In addition to his many years of ROV and maritime operations, Ramon combines a great deal of engineering and custom fabrication with his sales knowledge.  You can reach Ramon at +34 600534214